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09-09-2012, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by ryan02190 View Post
I was wondering what a team would give up to get him. At first I assumed that the team getting him would give up "future considerations", basically nothing. But some low market teams, like the Coyotes, Avalanche, and Islanders, all under cap-floor, would give up a minor asset for the 5 mil. cap hit. Not only the cap hit the team is the team receiving, but also the rights to the player for nine months. We saw Wideman get dealt for a 5th round pick, just to receive rights to talk for two weeks. Could the Bruins possibly gather a 4th round pick or more for him?

Also, I read two weeks a go, the Bruins owner, Jeremy Jacobs, had a radio interview and he believes there is a market for Tim Thomas.

Here is the link:


EDIT: I realize the CBA and the uncertainty of the cap so this will probably be delayed until a new CBA is resolved.
trading him today i stupid and he has negative value today because of things like the cap among other considerations.

the good news is... he will either report or get suspended once the season starts... if suspended he wont be owed a single penny of salary.

now under the current cba, his cap hit does count... but i believe that the cba was never intended to hurt a team/or player under the thomas situation. Thomas had a fairly bargained contract that was honored by both himself and the Bruins. Then he did a very unique thing and became controversially political in a way that caused huge backlash against himself in Boston. Now he is taking time off to like... throw a snit... or maybe cause his family got upset at all the press and publicity? Whatever the case... the clause in the CBA was to stop players from 'retiring' from front loaded contracts. Thomas did recieve a front loaded payoff but his contract never became ridiculous at the end like guys like kovalchuck and parise and suter do.

so the entire thing is a mockery where Boston is being hurt unfairly and other teams are not being hurt even though they deserve to be.

I believe that fair is fair... and the new CBA will contain an admentment to protect teams that follow the rules and bargain fairly.

So at that point... Thomas becomes worth whatever any vet goalie coming off 2 vezinas in the last 4 years would be worth with a year left on his contract.

Boston can afford to play the waiting game. In the end... if everything goes wrong... they are trading away a 5 mill cap hit that isnt owed a penny of salary. So some cheap owner can effectively be 5 mill under the real cap using thomas. This is like a 5 million dollar bill in some owners pocket. Someone would be willing to take that on...

and then if thomas suddenly did report... he doesnt have a ntc... so the team can flip him for a pick once he reports.

ultimately... worst case... thomas is worth something to someone...

but he is worth more if the cba is changed as i suggest it will be. under suspension, his contract doesnt burn off. So he will eventually owe someone a season at 3 mill. Someone will give up value for that

id suggest the going rate for a game changing starting net minder on a very affordable contract would be a first and something like a prospect or a bottom level player

one team that i could see taking thomas on midway through the season is toronto. I could see them wanting to extend thomas for a couple years to help one of their kids develop. Im not too sure what other teams would bid more in trade value for a quality starter. Im under the impression louongo is going to end up in Florida so they dont need anyone. Im not sure about Chicago.

So my prediction is thomas ends up in Toronto for a first and a prospect. Toronto makes whatever cap move is necessary to clear the space then resigns thomas for a couple more years. Thomas leads them into the playoffs and helps them win at least one round and burke looks like a genius

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