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09-09-2012, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Danavan View Post
Max's burger just came out with their new burger the other day called Trav's Fitty Burger. As the chef there is a friend of mine and I moved to Europe before it's release date he made me one last month while they were still testing it out and it is without a doubt the best burger I've ever eaten. The patty is 50% bacon and 50% beef and it comes topped with tons of bacon strips, cheese, a fried egg (might have been specially done for me) and all the usual fixings. My buddy made a joke that it was unfair to compare it to other burgers because the bacon in the patty is like putting it on steroids, and as such it needs an asterisk.
i was just at a very well-regarded new american/gastropub in minneapolis and my friend ordered what is considered by all the critics' lists as a top five burger in the twin cities. it had only 20% bacon in the patty, 80% beef of supposedly the highest quality. there was extra bacon on top of the patty (no fried egg), along with american cheese. the side of fries also came with some kind of molecular bacon powder.

long story short, even at an 80/20% split, that was way too much bacon. i had a bite; you couldn't taste the beef. to me, that defeats the point of a burger, especially when they make a big deal about using the freshest locally-sourced grass-fed beef.

and, like CMJ above, i also say this as a bacon lover.

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