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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
i was just at a very well-regarded new american/gastropub in minneapolis and my friend ordered what is considered by all the critics' lists as a top five burger in the twin cities. it had only 20% bacon in the patty, 80% beef of supposedly the highest quality. there was extra bacon on top of the patty (no fried egg), along with american cheese. the side of fries also came with some kind of molecular bacon powder.

long story short, even at an 80/20% split, that was way too much bacon. i had a bite; you couldn't taste the beef. to me, that defeats the point of a burger, especially when they make a big deal about using the freshest locally-sourced grass-fed beef.

and, like CMJ above, i also say this as a bacon lover.
I used 1/3 of bacon 2/3 beef. I thought using a leaner beef would make more sense since the fat from the bacon would overwhelm it.

I didn't add any salt.

It was really good.

I cooked the bacon to the point where it was almost cooked.

Put it in the processor.

Mixed it with the beef.

Then threw it on the grill.

I think using a griddle would've been better.

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