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09-09-2012, 02:30 PM
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Never buy the 4bg bundle because you must include the extra $100 for a hard drive.

For example you cant play firefight in Halo because it needs more space. There are other games that dont work as well, surprisngly alot of games need the hard drive space so you lose out on some game modes.

Not to mention for example the last ME3 dlc was 1.4 gb. So you can never get any dlc. So pre-order bonuses and free content could not be used. So those free 800 microsoft points are almost more of a burden then a curse. Most xbox arcade games are at least 500 mb to a gb.

For example Gears of War 3 comes with free map packs right at launch, thats over half the hard drive right there.

My friend got a 4gb for free for buying a laptop and he doesnt even use it for the reasons above

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