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12-05-2003, 04:27 AM
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I still have a hard time firguring out why posters get so upset when a trade rumors is poster on these (or ant other) board.

You want reliable sources??? On a message board????? No such thing. Even if MolsonMan or any other person is involved with the habs, they are not going to let their idenity out or even give hints to there possible idenity. Why would they????

A message board is not the place to go if everything you read must have a reliable source behind it. You should go to sites like TSN (RDS) or Sportsnet and when news breaks it, the story will be their.

Who cares if MolsonMan works for the habs??? Who cares if this rumor is legit or not?? If we only got to discuss the moves that occur in any given year (and none of the ones that don't happen), we wouldn't have had anything to discuss since the Begin/Langdon pickups.

At least this gives us something to talk about.

Oh yeah, IF a habs player is going to be traded soon, and supposablely it is someone we haven't really thought about, IMO, it could be Brisebois. He has really improved this year, doesn't really fit into our future plans, and does have value league wide. For those who say he has no value, please remember that Lou Lamireillo has twice thied to acquire him from the habs.

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