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12-05-2003, 04:35 AM
True Blue
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My take

Big win for the Rangers after dropping 2 to the 'Leafs. First and foremost, the Peca hit. Not a dirty hit at all. Should it have been a kneeing penatly? Another story since contact was made with the knee first. But the major will be rescinded and I disagree with those that call Peca a dirty player. He is a solid hitter, but dirty he's not. But after being on the other end of a bad reffing call for the past several years, I have absolutley zero sympathy for the Isles.
As for the game, the most alarming thing to me was that ONCE AGAIN, the team got content with a lead. The first 11.5 minutes of the 3rd were horrible. At least Jackass FINALLY did the right thing and called a timeout. God knows, there have been enough times this year when I screamed for timeouts when it was obvious that the Rangers were loosing a handle on the game and Sather did nothing. Here, it was a smart call at the right time. Right after that, the Rangers scored. Just goes to show you that there was no need for the first half of the 3rd to be played as poorly as it was. This team has got to keep up it's intensity level througout the game.
Thought that the defense played a solid game. Yes, even the M&M twins. Even Poti. But Poti has got to be more assertive in front of his goalie. And once again, he passed up a perfect opportunity to shoot when he passed to Hlavac, who passed to Nedved, who never even got the shot off becuase of a solid defensive play by the Isles D. Poti has to shoot the friggin' puck. Quick wristers. If he needs to see how effective quick wristers are, he should watch what Leetchie did on his 2 goals. Kasper has been getting nastier and nastier and has played really well over the last week or so. Hey Pasha, want to tell us how Leetch is not needed on this team anymore?
Shame about Lundmark. Though that he was playing real well for the last 2 games. Hopefully the injury is not too serious and he can be back this year. I did not think that Scott did anything to embarass himself. He was well on his way to having another solid game. He was finishing his checks all over the ice and just got caught with one from Cairns. I thought that Simon should have dropped the gloves with Cairns sometime after the Rangers scored the 4th goal.
The Pk has got to wake up. Just can't continue to give up at least one goal per game.
I admit to buying a ticket on the Rosie bandwagon. But I reserve the right to get off at any stop if he shows poor defensive habits. Like Kasper, Holik is getting nastier and nastier. This is the Bobby Holik that we came to know and hate when he was with NJ.
Next 2 games are against TB & the Habs. I know that JR will say that I love calling games must wins. But having blown about 5 games that they should have won, I don't see how at least the Habs game is not a MUST win. These games against our conference opponents are all 4 point swings.

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