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09-09-2012, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
It might seem that Rogers Arena is quiet, but don't forget about us, the silent majority of Canucks fans, our fingers flittering dextrously across keyboards worn down by a primal sweat roused inside all of us by fear deep in our proto-simian subconcious; our ears ache from the unrelenting cackle of a million unseen hyenas waiting outside the fire light, anxiously waiting for the Canucks fire to dim, inching ever closer, jaws agape, saliva pooling at their dirty feet; we type faster, and faster, on message boards, texting friends, racing across social media platforms; the keystrikes are a din roar, a rushing stream, an instinctual chant rising defiantly against the savage beasts that would see us fall, torn limb from limb by the powerful jaws of those savage beasts dancing in the rudimentary darkness that surrounds us; we look skyward to the stars likes apes waiting for a descending black obelisk to unshackle us.

The smallest hyena darts in to the fire light. Brad Marchand scores. The fire goes out, the keyboard strikes taper, and the hyenas rush in. A grateful silence descends. We are free.

I guess what I'm saying is you just have to listen a little closer. Happy Saturday everyone!
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