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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Yet you are projecting Moran back into the ATD and TDMM is projecting him as a possible top 40. The results are definitely set in advance. Soviet election style. Waste of time. Your contradictions are rather obvious.
You do understand that there is a difference between making assumptions about what a player may or may not accomplish in the future and making an assumption about where a player will be drafted in future drafts, right?

Pederson also received Selke consideration a few times, brought toughness - 21 career fights and was a playmaker who had an incredible upward bump in his playoff performance.Big edge to Pederson.
A handful of Selke votes through a whole career doesn't show very much without some anecdodat evidence to back it up.

Toughness appears to be on a similar level.

As for Pederson's play-offs, you are going a bit overboard, but you are correct in pointing out that he is likely a better play-off scorer than Haynes.

While I will agree that Pederson is better than Haynes, I think it's important to also point out that Pederson is by far his line's best player, while Haynes is probably his lines weakest.

Vanek is a slightly better goal scorer than Geoff Courtnall, nowhere near the playmaker that Courtnall was, Vanek G>A, Courtnall G<A. Courtnall was much better defensively and brought toughness and corner work, 9 seasons with 100+ PIMs. Vanek is slightly better than soft. Advantage Courtnall.
Vanek is a much better scorer than Geoff Courtnall. Courtnall's best seasons are 15th and 17th in league goalscoring, and his next best season wasn't even close to a top-20. That means that Vanek has 4 seasons that are more impressive than anything Courtnall ever accomplished. Their goalscoring abilities are not even close.

Ward, adjusted slightly better than Harris during the regular season but had a huge drop in his playoff performance.Raw, Ward RS 274PTS/527 games, PO 8PTS/36 games. Harris 558PTS/897 Games, 38PTS/ 71 PO games. No adjustment will change the significant drop in Ward's PO performance. Wash, slight edge Harris.
Harris's best offensive season landed him 32nd in league scoring. He was never again in the top-40. Even if you're looking at offense only, Ward is the far superior player.

That completely ignores the fact that Ward's offensive abilities were probably the weakest part of his game.

Sanford was a Boston Garden small rink performer. Supported by at least 2-3 HHOF quality defensemen - Boivin,Flaman,Quackenbush. Washed out in Detroit very quickly - bigger rink,moved to Chicago in a trade of washed up players and then left the NHL. Corson could skate and play effectively on a standard NHL rink. Big edge to Corson.
Corson had a longer career, but at their best, Sandford was easily the better of the two. If you like longevity, Corson is your man. If you like peak, you go for Sandford.

If I was in your shoes, however, and my #1 goalie and #1 defenseman were essenstially one-year-wonders, I wouldn't really be pushing too much to convince people that longevity was important.

Donald Smith. Hockey journeyman, moved from team to team at the pro level almost every year. Your bio is full of contradictions. One quote calls him a clean player, yet one speaks of his fighting prowess and another mentions his stick swinging.
Donald Smith was a key player everywhere he went. Like your 1st line winger, Geoff Courtnall, players don't move around because they are not wanted - they move around because they are wanted. In the early eras especially, players moved all over the place to follow the money.

Just because he was known as a clean player doesn't mean he didn't defend himself when needed. Regardless of what you take from the quotes, you can't deny his offensive abilities. You're a big raw numbers guy, so here are Donald Smith's - 191 goals in 185 games.

Russ Courtnall and Eddie Wiseman are a wash. Both could score, were good playmakers for RWs, solid defensively, could not be intimidated.
Russ Courtnall could score.... just not well enough to ever crack the top-20 in the league.

He was a better playmaker than scorer, but Wiseman is a much better playmaker.

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