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05-03-2006, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by hotwheels
I doubt you guys will get much for Esche, i would put him in the same category as Cloutier, decent in the season, ****** in the playoffs. As for Brashear, he was useless the moment he figured he was a goal scorer here in Vancouver, he's a bum. You guys should have gotten rid of him earlier in the year. Desjardins should retire, he's done. As for Gagne, is he really a UFA?

That has to suck for you guys if he is, with the season he had (mediocre playoffs not included) he might ask for at least 4.5 and at the most 5-6.
I don't understand why all non-Flyers blame Flyers goaltedning on their losses in the Playoffs. Time and time again, the Flyers lose in the playoffs BECAUSE THEY CAN'T SCORE WHEN IT COUNTS!!!!!!! Esche did not play well in at least one game, but he was not the reason they lost the series. Sure, he didn't really win any games for them, but had the team been able to score, he'd be OK.

When the Flyers lost to Ottawa a few years back, they managed to score, what, 2 goals in 5 games?!!!!!! Cechmanek played fine, but if you can't score, you can't win. See the Canadian Olympic team. Their goaltending was fine, but they couldn't score.

The only way the Flyers can get past this incorrect excuse for playoff losing is if they were to acquire Brodeur, whom everyone thinks wins games by himself, and that he plays for a team of monkeys who don't score or play defense. Brodeur wins games by himself by shooting pucks off of his players heads into the goal.

Surely, if Brodeur were in goal for the Flyers, and the Flyers didn't score, the NHL would award the Flyers a win just because they finally have great goaltending.

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