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My dad's afternoon group occasionally has some women. If there is any preferential treatment it's minor - maybe those that are prone to hook and hold at times are less likely to do so with the women.

The only one who gets preferential treatment is the one guy who is over 80 years old (group is mostly in their 50s & 60s with some in their 40s & 70 years olds). Most of the players don't check him and let him pass the puck.

Personally I usually don't care what the skill level of those that are playing in 'pickup' or in league as long as they are giving an effort. Every player has some shortcoming to some degree or other.

Agree with Sherwood Sniper a couple pages back. What should be taught is that the warmups are for the goalies not the shooters; it you want to tee up a slap shot from 3 feet away practice against the boards.

Any pickup games/groups I have played with frown on the guy who tees up slap shots inside the hash marks.
1) Do you want one of the goalies to leave due to a stupid injury and be stuck playing with only 1 goalie.
2) Many goalies have older and/or lower level equipment and don't have the disposable income do blow on better stuff. Especially true of those just starting the position
3) In a pickup game IMO it's just a ******* thing to tee up a shot close to the goalie - try a deke, a wrist shot, a back hand, something else. Save that slapshot for league game situations. If you are trying to impress someone - you aren't; if all you have is that one shot - it's time to work on something else.

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