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09-09-2012, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Schiends35 View Post
My trades were supposedly not very reliastic so here's another try. This helps all teams in my opinion.

Van receives

Philadelphia receives
1st 2013

This helps Philadelphia because there d is decimated and they receive Ballard who will play top 4 minutes and they also receive a 1st
and they receive a b level prospect and Raymond a inconsistent 20 goal scorer.

Canucks receive a young 25 goal scorer in read and they also receive Talbot and a solid 4th liner in Rinaldo.

Then trade luongo and a 2nd 2013 to Florida for howden and matthias

New nucks lines

Twins read
Booth kes bur
Matthias Talbot Higgins
Kassian lapierre Rinaldo

Hammer juice
Edler garrison
Tanev alberts


These proposals help all teams. Read had one good here so he could be the next Raymond don't overvalue him.
You are becoming one of my favourite posters in the trade forums. You and a few others like Spitsfan, MintoMadDogKiller, and weak5holeguy pretty much ensure a good laugh of a trade. I like how you use nicks names like "Juice", it adds a nice ring to a ludicrous deal by adding ludicrous names.

To speak of the actual "trades", well where to begin? Other posters have said very clearly of why would Philly take on all that salary? You have brought up Carter and Richards trade, but remember in both trades Philly shed salary and didn't take on upwards of 5 million. Another valid point made is Ballard and Raymond's value as of right now are low. How low? I would be hard pressed to believe any team, even if they were desperate, would offer more than a 2nd round pick for Ballard and a 3rd for Raymond. Sounds ridiculous, but that's how low their values are right now. At that point Vancouver would be better suited holding on to both and having them hopefully have a bounce back season. Philly has no reason to trade to take on salary, and trade players that they are happy with.

The Florida are hundreds of threads, tens of thousands posts, all of which discuss/argue/rant/debate Lou's value. Now this is my opinion and I've seen few Canucks fans agree but fair value as of right now would be a Serviceable roster player, mid level prospect, and 2nd round pick (draft pick moves around depending on the prospect and player). Seems low? Well that is the point. For a team like Florida to acquire Lou doesn't make too much sense. If they do, they end up like Vancouver now. They have Markstrom coming and Florida fans are saying they are happy waiting for him and running Theodore until then. Lou's value will be argued until a trade does happened. Until then both sides make valid points.

You should be a little grateful too that people are going easy on you and sitting you down like a child and explaining where you are going wrong. Most times in this situation you would be flamed to death. But people are taking time to explain so you don't make the same mistake again.

You're welcome.

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