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Adjusted ATD Picks

Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
It is true that Jonathan Quick and Normie Smith are comparables. Unfortunately, though, Paddy Moran is much better than both of them.

You can cherry-pick all the worst ATD picks you want, but it doesn't prove anything about your player. All your doing is showing why they ATD picks were so bad.
Like I wrote pontificating plus juggling. Using adjusted numbers when it favours you then switching to raw when it favours you. Lalonde's adjusted numbers to a full season yields app. a 38 to 28 pt advantage compared to Donald Smith. Your boy looks even worse. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Issue is criteria and accomplishments. In the 2012 ATD you picked Roger Crozier as a back-up to Martin Brodeur. Slightly longer career than Quick, both have a Conn Smythe, Quick as a winner. Yet Paddy Moran was available. Whence the sudden Paddy Moran epiphany? The same data was available about Moran at that time. No resurrection in the interim. You are just promoting what you have. .

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