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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
There is a flaw in your logic, if Desharnais is moving to the wing in this scenario then its because Galchenyuk is surplanting him and Galchenyuk is a goal-scoring center. So balance is maintained, your just moving goal scoring to the middle and playmaking to the wing by the switch.
That. Its not like we have too much playmaking from the wing, right now we have very few pure playmakers on the team outside DD. Even Plekanec I wouldn't qualify as such (and that might be why he played well with a playmaking forward like Kovalev).

Wingers :
Cole (good goalscoring (net crashing), little set up ability)
Gionta (good goalscoring (sniper), very little set up ability)
Pacioretty (good goalscoring (sniper/goal crashing), decent set up ability)
Bourque (underrated goalscoring if he remembers how he used to play. poor set up ability)
Armstrong (average goalscoring (reckless net crashing), bad set up ability)
White, Prust, Moen etc. (not much offense, terrible at set up)
*Leblanc (not in the NHL yet but we can assume average offense (decent set-up&goal scoring)).

Right now we have two 30g scoring wingers, two other wingers shortly removed from 25+ goal seasons and a bunch of 3rd/4th line net crashers with little offensive talent. It makes sense that having a playmaking center or two in a team like this should be an excellent thing, a guy like Desharnais is perfect to support them.

It was different back when we had guys like Kovalev, Tanguay or even Sergei Kostitsyn. Back then Desharnais would have been redundant, especially with Koivu also around. We used to have too much passing and not enough shooting and now its pretty much the opposite. It might explain in part the lack of structure on the powerplay (unsurprisingly our 3 most effective PP players last year were probably our 3 best playmakers (DD, Plekanec and Kaberle).

As for Galchenyuk - I hope he will be a good playmaker and a great goalscorer. He can become an elite player and elite players are usually able to excel in many aspects of the game. That he might be able to set up guys like a boss doesn't make Desharnais obselete anymore than him scoring 35g would make Pacioretty redundant. Galchenyuk might make Desharnais our second best playmaking forward, no shame in that. In today's league its possible to have 3 good centers, thats a pattern many of the best teams use.

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