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09-10-2012, 02:52 AM
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How can anyone be on the owner's side in this? Last lockout there had to have been a middle ground but in this one is clearly between the RICH OWNERS v. POOR OWNERS and they both wanna get their cut out of the players. Y'know... the sportsmen who actually play this sport? Without the players there is no hockey and the NHL/Owners just want to plunder away at whatever the players have legally agreed to in their contracts (by up to 25%!) because they're lunatics who'd rather lockout the league not 7 years after the last one instead of revamp their structure.

The Rich Owners don't give a damn about a lockout, they just don't want to revenue share and prop up failing franchises like Florida, Pheonix and so on. If they did care about salaries they wouldn't spend to the cap and sign Scott Hartnell to 6 year deals.

I was disinterested in the Bettman hate before but now it's clear that they don't have a plan and will never have a plan. The NHL is dangerously unprofessional, from the "suspension carousel" to the rampant nepotism to the perilously unorganized CBA negotiations - it's a joke of a league.

Good for the players and I hope this hurts Geoff Molson something fierce. He's filthy rich off of his daddy's beer money, he ramps up ticket prices every year way past inflation and he sells 10$ beers when he owns part of a beer manufacturer.

F him and F Dave Stubbs, maybe this lockout he'll learn something about hockey.

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