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Originally Posted by CH2 View Post
It's the NHLPA trying to make the owners look bad. Very entertaining.
And they try to make the players look bad by saying they need to hear from the pa for this to move forward. Not that hard to talk.

Don't understand the smear campaign on the players here. The nba divides all that money amongst half the players. 50/50 split, eased the cap reduction with a frozen cap until revenues catch up. The owners didn't try to change contracts that aren't even dry yet. Sounds like the union is fine with that scenario, easy to build off that. I haven't heard anything about them resisting contract limits.

The nfl doesn't guarantee contracts, true. But they allow tons of bonus money in all forms. With the uneven earnings in the nhl, rich teams will blow the rest away every year. Yashin type holdouts will be common place instead of universally loathed.

There is a fair deal to be made, and the players' version is a lit closer to the happy middle. Hammer out the even revenue split, modify contract limits, freeze the cap until it catches up. Owners get richer starting now, the institution of honoring contracts is intact, and you reformed loopholes the teams abused. Play hockey.

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