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Ultimate Ironies

Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Leading the team in PPG is not the same as leading the team in scoring.

Yeah, "my boy" getting outscored by hack like News Lalonde sure makes him look bad.

With the benefit of hindsight, Roger Crozier was not a great pick when I made the selection. With Brodeur, I honestly wasn't worried about doing any research for my back-up. Having said that, Roger Crozier's career is over twice as long as Quick's.

At the start of this draft, TDMM and I threw together a few lists. We had our "best" list as well as a "needs a good bio" list. Paddy Moran was on the "needs a good bio" list, and he also came up as a maybe for the "best" list. I decided to take a look through the newspaper archives, and both TDMM and I were completely blown away by what we were able to find.

You are correct that the info was available, but nobody, including myself, ever took the time to compile it. Nobody knew how good the guy was. Now that the information has been assemled into a reasonably good bio, his stock has justifiably risen significantly.
The ultimate ironies.

180 degree shift in your position. Now raw stats have great value.

Then you have the moving goalposts combined with insufficient research time argument. Extending the Moran excuse logically, your ageism is simply a function of not taking the time to properly research the contributions and accomplishments of young players or short NHL/NHA/PCHA career players. The information is also readily available. Such players deserve the same academic research courtesy as the allegedly "forgotten" players like Moran. Yet you and some other fantasy snobs are strongly opposed to this because it disrupts your preconceived template that helped structure your teams.

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