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09-10-2012, 06:37 AM
Grant McCagg
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
I understand the hire. I like the intention. I get why they chose Madden. I have no problem with hiring more staff. I'm not assuming Madden sucks at the job. I even said I like the hire, but I can't sit here and pretend that he will be excellent when there is nothing tangible to judge him by yet. The same way I didn't like Pierre McGuire as a GM experience, nothing tangible to judge him by. I don't think being a good hockey player automatically qualifies you as having a good post playing career. Saying he will be excellent is just all guess work at this point.

I remember people saying that about Gretzky as a coach, they used to say "Imagine the best offensive player of all time teaching and grooming offensive players." It's not scouting, but it was a similar judgement. We assumed his playing talents would translate into his post playing job.
Rather obtuse to compare the hiring of a famous head coach with the hiring of a college recruiter. You are comparing apples to pomegranates. Moreover - I think Gretzky's failure to succeed in coaching had more to do with a lack of talent more than anything else. He was forced to play young talents like Turris and Boedker well before they were ready because he had no other choice. there were bound to be growing pains..but look what happened this past spring.....that young talent was a major reason the club did so well..they were finally ready to contribute. You don't think Grettzky had something to do with that? People can have short memories. It's kinda like blaming Obama for all of the economic problems when it was left in a mess by the previous regime.

Regardless - it is irrelevant as the comparison makes no sense. Coaching an NHL team is completely different from recruiting college players.

The main job of Madden will be to woo prospective FA's...most teams will know who the main free agents are...the trick is in convincing them to join your club. Better to have a former college FA who went on to a highly successful NHL career who is well known by American teenagers versus a head scout who never played the game . Who do you think a young american hockey player would look up to more?

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