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Originally Posted by Fan.At View Post
Just looked over the ratings and 2 guys that stood out for me were Garnett Exelby and Ryan Potulny... for as little games they have played in the NHL in the past 2 seasons, they seem to have rather high ratings - can anyone explain?
Ville actually mentioned these two guys in an e-mail discussion amongst the ratings group, and they are good catches.

The reason their ratings are still NHL-fringe worthy, is their last 82 games were pulled from the last 3 NHL seasons. Typically for players with low games played (<100), the games were in the more recent seasons. For Potulny and Exelby, the majority of the games (or all, in Exelby's case) were from the 09-10' season.

Now because we take the last 82 games (or 164), a guy has played during the three years, a guy like Potulny is still a 15 goal scorer, because even with his 0 points in 10 NHL games over the last two years, the weight of his 15 goals in 65 games or whatever it was in Edmonton, still drive the bulk of the weight of his rating. That said, his rating was reduced (as were all players) with fewer than 82 games over 3 years, so his rating is still lower than in past.

That said, this type of scenario probably justifies a bigger penalty or reduction, but there are only a few players who fall into this category, and given they are marginally rated anyway, we're likely to adjust the rating formula next year rather than try and go back and change it to account for just a few players like this.

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