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12-05-2003, 05:16 AM
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Originally Posted by xauxi
OK..... For all of you who are trying to defend MacT... Think...
If the team fails to accomplish the tasks given by the coaches.... that means players lose confidence on their coach. Let's say that is all players' fault.. then what is next? fire half of the team players? NO. When the players start losing confidence on coach, and they will not do whatever the coaches tell them to do.. .what will you do if you are GM? Of course, you will have to do something to shake the team, even firing/replacing coaches, ... in the NHL history, this is not rare. Will you do that? May be not with the Oilers....But the point I am trying to make here is DO NOT DUMB ALL FAULTS ON PLAYERS. TEAM FAILURE IS ALSO COACHES' RESPONSIBILITY. ACCEPT IT AND FIND SOLUTION.
My cheap thinking.
If it takes Mac-T to be fired for the Oilers to have an extended playoff run, that is fine. I am not chastizing the decision (or want) to fire Mac-T, it is the motivation behind it.

If the players won't listen, and continue along that path even when losing, you have to make a coaching change. But contrary to popular beleif on this board, that doesn't mean Mac-T is a bad coach. Nor does it mean he can't teach, and nor does it mean he isn't a smart coach, which is what a lot of posters on here beleive.

If that was the case, why on earth would you want Larry Robinson? He was fired in New Jersey after winning a cup because he "lost the room". So if that means you are a bad coach, why would we want him? Same with Hitchcock.

Firing a coach because the players won't listen isn't a long term solution. It is a temporary solution with long term problems, because it will happen again, and the only solution is to either make personel changes (players), or make another coaching change.

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