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Originally Posted by NWShark View Post
As has been said repeatedly here Burish has not been playing 4th line minutes the last 2 years he's been playing 3rd line minutes. He will be a 3rd liner on this team unless someone else performs above their expected position.

Havlat was healthy the 3 previous years before this last one. No reason to think that wasn't anything more than a freak injury.

Zeus has a long history of excellent 3rd line play. One crappy season while being injured does not change his entire career of what he's capable of.

The roster is no weaker than it was last season. In fact it's significantly stronger on the D side. That is a simple reality.

The one thing we can agree on is that I don't believe DW is done. We'll just have to see what else hapens after the CBA is settled.

I mean seriously... Moore, Winnick, Winchester, Mitchell.. that's your list of difference makers? You're kidding right? You can pretty much replace all of them with AHLers and not see a difference.
Moore and Winnik are solid players, both had trouble adapting to a terrible system, and Moore was dealing with serious personnel issues. Yes Stuart is a nice add, and I don't see Burish as equal to Winnik.

Regardless last years team was nowhere close to a cup, barely snuck into the playoffs, and needed to be significantly better. Stuart and Burrish do not make us significantly better. Will we make the playoffs with this roster? Probably, likely more to do with coaching than anything. Is it guaranteed? No, not at all.

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