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09-10-2012, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by pigpen65 View Post
It's kind of a weird thing. When i was a kid, the Bruins were the Sabres biggest rival because of the Bruins dominance of them up till the early 90's. I remember somebody gave me a Bruins cap when i was about 8 or 9, before i was a hockey fan, and walking around Buffalo with that on would get so much reaction. I always had to explain that i wasn't a Bruins fan, it was just a hat somebody had given me. The pinnacle of the rivalry was the May day goal, then it just stopped basically. The biggest rival for Sabres fans turned to Toronto once they entered the division, but even that was never a heated rivalry. There was a couple years where it was Ottawa, a little bit with Carolina, but that was it. Until last year the Sabres rivalries had basically disappeared. i really never even thought of Boston as a rival until the Lucic run on Miller. Not even a little bit. Now i ****ing hate Boston. I hate the players on the team, hate you Bruins fans, and can't wait till this season starts, basically just to get to the Bruins games. It's a great thing. In some weird way Sabres fans really owe Milan Lucic a debt of gratitude.
Its very true.. i never had a problem with buffalo or their fans.. then looch hits miller (which was suspendable) and millers tampon got all wadded up, and here we are. Having a pissing contest via the interwebz haha. I love it, i hope it becomes a more bloody rivalry. I just hope they get to play each other the full 6 times this season.

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