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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Here's some interesting information about Paddy Moran: the HHOF committee inducted him before any of his peers!

These are the first 10 goalies inducted into the HHOF:

1945: Charles Robert "Chuck" Gardiner
1945: Georges Vezina
1958: Alex Connell
1958: Frederick Hugh Lehman
1958: Patrick Joseph "Paddy" Moran
1959: Cecil "Tiny" Thompson
1961: George Hainsworth
1961: Percy LeSueur
1962: William Milton "Riley" Hern
1962: John Bower "Bouse" Hutton

I bolded the goalies who had the majority of their primes coming before World War I.

Moran was one of the first 5 goalies inducted into the Hall. His contemporary Leseuer had to wait a few years, and contemporaries Hern and Hutton had to wait for the mass induction of 1962, when 27 players got in at once.
I thought this was an interesting point to make, considering C1958's position on the HHOF committee is usually that they can do no wrong.

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Links to complete stats for all the Orfuns player stats were clearly posted in the appropriate thread. Summary of the offensive skills of the forwards and defensemen follows. Regular season, no overlap or duplication, actual numbers.

Goal scoring abilities. All twelve forwards have at least two twenty goal seasons regardless of era. As a group, the team features 55, 20 + goal seasons.Ten of the twelve forwards have at least 1, 30+ goal seasons, total of 20 such seasons. Three of the forwards have 40+ seasons, total of four such seasons. Danny Grant has a fifty goal season.

No other team features such scoring depth or balance amongst its forwards.

Offensive abilities of the defensemen. Five of the defensemen have 40+ point seasons to their credit with a peak of 79 from Erik Karlsson. Total of 14, such seasons. Also four of the defensemen have 10+ goal seasons, while one, Sylvain Cote has a 21 goal season.

The transition, support games and the PP will be strong points.
Having a 40+ point season does not perpetually make a player a "40 point defenseman". Spikes happen, often directly correllated to spikes in PP usage.

Same with having a 30+ goal season. Ten of your forwards did it at laest once - how many did it at least twice? How many did it three times?

I'm really surprised that you tout your team's offensive depth and balance when its pop gun offense is probably the easiest thing to criticize about it.

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Vanek and Green. Point is that I have not attacked them on this level because I am able to recognize that good is good when it comes to talent. Good is not a synonym for accomplishments. Good is a stand alone characteristic in hockey. Accomplishments are a function of longevity. Do not confuse the two.
Good is good. I agree. But you still have to translate that to on-ice accomplishments. For example, all things equal, if two players were just as "good" in real terms, but one did it for 4 years and the other did it for 12 years (without ever exceeding the peak level of play of the four year player) then obviously you go with the guy with longevity, and you don't think twice.

Don't pretend it doesn't matter. Establishing a track record proves that your performances are repeatable and consistent. That goes a long way over an ATD season.

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