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09-10-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post

If I HAD to give one knock on the game, it's the same that I had last year's game. I feel that players go down way too easily. Now, I've not actually played hockey, I live in Kansas and when growing up, there wasn't the (limited) youth hockey programs available. So perhaps I'm off on this assertion, but I feel that if Erik Johnson is 6'4 and 232 lbs (as stated on then he should NOT be bumped off of the puck so easily, and go down to the ice, by players the size of Matt Duchene (just the size, like 5'11-6'0 and 190-200 lbs) I feel that he should be a bit harder to knock off, and definitely harder to make go to the ice. It just seems like it happens a lot, and not with EJ, I've had McGinn and Downie knocked off that easily...surprisingly (or not?) enough, Landeskog seems to hold onto the puck pretty easily.
Thankfully NHL has the sliders which improves this. Try putting Attributes all the way and I believe there is a USER slider that makes you tougher to get pushed off the puck. But remember that momentum also has to do with checking. If Duchene went at full speed from his own goal and Chara was standing still at his blue line, no doubt Duchene would probably have a high percentage of knocking Chara down from his momentum.

From the demo the hardest thing getting used to is programing your mind when to glide because in all the recent NHL games you really didn't need to think about skating at half speed to maneuver.

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