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09-10-2012, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
Thankfully NHL has the sliders which improves this. Try putting Attributes all the way and I believe there is a USER slider that makes you tougher to get pushed off the puck. But remember that momentum also has to do with checking. If Duchene went at full speed from his own goal and Chara was standing still at his blue line, no doubt Duchene would probably have a high percentage of knocking Chara down from his momentum.

From the demo the hardest thing getting used to is programing your mind when to glide because in all the recent NHL games you really didn't need to think about skating at half speed to maneuver.
Yeah, I've been tweaking the sliders, trying to find that perfect balance. I don't want to be "invincible" when it comes to playing and NEVER getting knocked off or not having any challenge whatsoever.

My complaint came from maybe standing in the offensive zone, and then having the player nearest to me skate over and then knock me down.

Now..what do you mean by "Attributes"? Because the sliders I adjust are like the "Puck Control" in the settings area.

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