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09-10-2012, 12:32 PM
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psh zucc was def more underrated than avery.

sean wasn't underrated. some fans just didn't like him. he got plenty of praise though. i think he was a good 3rd liner.

in the last 2 years he played here he did fine outside of ridiculous off-sides that threw us games and the occasional stupid penalty(penalties which were more the refs sick of him than anything he actually was doing wrong in the final two seasons).

when your reputation precedes you to the point that refs are making phantom calls against you, then you had better play flawless in your own end-- something sean wasn't at all flawless at... all he really could do in the last two seasons was hold the puck behind the net and attempt the same wraparound-- half the time risking losing the puck down the middle of the ice.

i liked sean, but underrated? not even close. most people who actually watched the hockey aspect knew he was better than christensen.
ZUC on the other hand i think was severely underrated at times. inc flack

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