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05-03-2006, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by shaolin_goon
Actually id rather see Ryder gone.

why? because he single handledly caused us this series with his fancy schmancy play. He's not Kovalev, why does he constantly keep trying to be? Seriously, trying to out-deke three guys? ****er...

If the habs hadnt missed about a gazillion scoring opportunities the way they did, we wouldnt even be in this conversation.

And when Kovalev did the wrap-around, man...if the puck hadnt hit the side of the net, that was in. many missed chances....all the lucky bounces went Carolina's way...all four games. it's really crappy...
I dont think Ryder does this because he thinks he's kovalev.

I think that although ryder had a 30 goal season, he never really looked comfortable for a long period of time this season.

I think its just a case of a player putting too much pressure on himself and thus, trying to do everything by himself.

With more experience, I believe Ryder will make better decisions.

In my view, Ryder showed alot of character and competitiveness in these playoffs and I was generally happy with his effort. We should hang on to him.

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