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09-10-2012, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by BBSeabs27 View Post
Seriously, greedy greedy people. God, I make 60k while Crosby makes 8m. With rollbacks from decrease in HRR he'll probably make 7m, the world is ******* ending. And on top of that, lock out or not, Bettman still gets his salary, so what is the pissing and moaning for. There are starving people in Africa!
While I understand how you feel, what you or I make has zero bearing on anything. Everything is relative. It's about principles. These guys are no different than any other unionized workforce in that they aren't going to just cave in to whatever the opposition wants to impose on them. It sets a bad precedent. Just because their money is in millions and everyone else's money is in thousands doesn't mean they should just be willing to cave in to ownership's and league demands at the outset. You have to put up at least some kind of fight and then negotiate.

I'll be as pissed as anyone with another lockout, but the whole "I only make this much, they should be happy with what they have" is completely irrelevant with regard to professional sports labor situations. It's two different worlds.

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