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09-10-2012, 01:57 PM
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Creative CBA solutions? Do you have one? Have you seen any?

What ideas do you guys have that are outside the realm of what we've seen discussed thus far?

Doesn't have to be feasible or perfect... but maybe something different?

Share please...

I know we can be creative... it boggles my mind why the PA and the owners don't seem to be in their proposals...

Some of mine:

Modification of Cap/Floor:

What was the stat? something like 18 teams made less than their highest paid player? You have the top 8 big revenue teams, and then a couple decent ones, and then the 20 others.

Add some buffer room for the top end and the bottom end teams.


Cap is $70 mil.
Mid point is $62 mil.
Floor is $54 mil.

Set up a secondary cap floor... say a locked value of $5 mil less that only the bottom 5 or 10 teams can access.

On the flip side (since you need a concession), have a $5mil buffer on top of $70 mil that only the top 10 revenue teams can access with a Luxury tax of 4 to 1. Increase the tax for repeat offenders.

You increase the maximum potential salary range from $16 mil to $26 mil, but you are relieving slightly some pressure of floor teams that need it (also this range become less significant on based on percentage as the cap goes up)... and you reward the strong markets that can afford it at a significant cost that goes back into further helping lower revenue teams.

So instead of 70, 62, 54... you have:

Hard cap: $75 mil (top 10 teams only)
Soft cap: $70 mil (hard for the bottom 20)
Mid point $62 mil
Soft floor: $54 mil (hard for the top 25)
Hard floor: $49 mil (bottom 5 only)

Or definition #2... have the hard floor set at 60 or 70% of the soft cap #. Soft floor still $8 mil under the mid point.

Loyalty Clause

The Loyalty Clause. All home drafted players have their salaries discounted against the cap: 5%. Players with the same club for more than 7 yrs discounted: 5%. Drafted players on same teams for 10yrs: 10%

Favors the players since they would be making more than the cap restrictions... but they could account for it at the end of the season in total player cost anyway.


Contracts as Cap percentages:

So players salaries would go up and down (basically up) yr to yr with the cap.

A few examples to show what i'm talking about:
Present cap: $70 mil.

Some cap hits this season and % of total cap:
Ovechkin, 9.5mil - 13.6%
Crosby, 8.7mil - 12.4%
Stamkos, 7.5mil - 10.7%
......... 7mil - 10% (Rinne, Spezza, Iginla, Doughty, Thornton, Chara)
Karlsson, 6.5mil - 9.3%
Quick, 5.8mil - 8.3%
......... 5.6mil - 8%
Schneider, 4mil - 5.7%
......... 3.5mil - 5.0%
......... 1.0mil - 1.4%
Make min wage 1% of the cap? (700K this yr)

Typical 23 man roster:
Average salary on a mid-cap team (62mil): 2.7% (1.89mil)

So looking at % (rough estimates):
Min wage guys: 1%
4th line guys: 1-2%
3rd line, bottom pair, backup goalies: 2-4%
2nd line, 2nd pair, promising young #1's: 3-7%
Top line, top pairing, est #1 goalies: 6 and up
the elite franchise players would be around the 10% level..

So not necessarily posted to tear me a new one... but to get some your outside the box thoughts in a thread....

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