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09-10-2012, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by L'Aveuglette View Post
My rage at both sides for not being able to fix things before a lockout is declared grows every day. How many people and especially businesses will be negatively affected by their ineptitude? How does a major league not negotiate long before their CBA expires? It's all so ridiculous that we very well might lose another entire season based on stubbornness and greed. It doesn't even seem as if they are trying at this point and I wonder what exactly they are waiting for.
It's annoying me as well,

Why don't think they think of it from a fan perspective?

If I'm honest, I can imagine a large portion of non-American/Canadian fans losing interest in the sport if there's a lockout... What benefit does that bring?

It's crazy, why don't they just think of the PEOPLE!

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