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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Karlsson's Norris season makes him a worthy MLD player but not the first pairing, super early pick that you made him, IMO. He obviously has the best "best season" out of any of the three defensemen you are comparing here. But his 2nd and 3rd best seasons are nothing special. Bolton and Buller's 2nd and 3rd best seasons are definitely better. Bolton is probably right in the same range as far as "all-time value" goes. Buller, with his extensive AHL career, is definitely well ahead of both.

Sanford was a Boston Garden small rink performer. Supported by at least 2-3 HHOF quality defensemen - Boivin,Flaman,Quackenbush.
Couldn't that be said about almost any O6 forward who played 8 or more seasons? What's the point?

No one is an "age" in the ATD.

You need to look at this as if the hockey continuum stops right now and historians are piecing together the record hundreds of years later. By that futuristic standpoint, all players are approximately the same "age" and they are judged solely by what they did on the ice.
Buller profiles as a first pairing? The issue is match-ups.

There were much better AHL defensemen - Frank Eddolls, Frank Mathers to name a couple who were vastly superior overall when their AHL and NHL numbers are combined. Also better NHL defensemen who were not drafted - Murray Henderson.

Small rink players. Sandford played on the smaller Boston Garden rink for half the season. So he could get to the defensemen faster on a dump in, take better and quicker angles to the net, pick-up his check easier. These advantages were lost on a standard NHL rink. Certain Bruin players could adjust to both, others could not. Look at the stats of Bronco Horvath, a weak skater, while with the Bruins and elsewhere.

True. Which is my point whether they are playing today or in any era.

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