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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
As far as the person without a computer argument, that is holding less and less water each year. Especially with people that would buy season tickets.
But even in some of the low income areas I've been in it's getting more and more rare to find a household without a computer/internet.
My company employes 1000's, and there are still a good 10-15% of people that dont have the internet at home. We are trying to convert over to email paychecks to employees instead of printing them. Had to set up company computer domain accounts and a system for employees to access paychecks on our intranet. (and they then print out the info thus cancelling out the "green" initiative that was used to justify this.)

My wife and I have also discussed getting rid of internet once the kids both leave home. I have internet at work, and I really dont need it at home.

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