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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Go tell your CEO that a 50/50 revenue split is appropriate (hell just tell him that 1% would work) for your group. See how long it takes before you get laughed out of his office.

I understand this is entertainment, but it's bad business. Very bad. They (owners and players) live in a totally different world than we do.

This is not totally the players fault, but they do hold some responsibility. A great deal actually. Sports is a garbage business and I'm getting really close to saying the hell with all of it. I've all but abandoned everything but the NHL. I'm getting tired of dropping over $50 a night (for myself) for this. The owners don't treat it like a business (at least the large markets don't) and the players union is just a collection of thugs trying to **** the owners for every last buck.
Completely different situation. To compare manufacturing vs sports entertainment isnt even worth the effort. Of course our owner would laugh me out of his office, I don't have world class elite talent, and he could get a 22 year old college grad to do my job for almost 50% less then he pays me.

As to your last paragraph, I believe the owners hold the most responsibility. Snider makes an offer that brings Nashville to their knees to match, Leipold spends $200 million than has the nerve to say "We're not making $$$, we need to fix our system. The Wild's biggest expense by far is player salaries." I personally hold that the NHLPA proposal is better for the CBJ franchise.

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