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Originally Posted by andyg26 View Post
What upsets me, is the lack of a backup plan. You'd think after Hossa burned us, that he would have been more prepared this time around. We had the cap space and we have some nice assets (prospect wise). Even on the backend, we are a lesser team than last year. After Suter made it clear that he didn't want to play for us (essentially right away), we didn't seem to go to any back up options.
It's been a unique summer in that everything has ground to a halt with CBA looming. I'm fine with Shero not matching the price of a middle-tier UFA (like Bryan Allen getting for about or over $3.5 million for 4 years)....because what happens if the cap is lower than projected? Ownership has a nasty habit of "winning" labor concessions at the beginning of CBA's. Best not to string the salary structure down with the PA Parenteau's of the world when Malkin and Letang are up for new contracts soon.

I'm sure the Pens have a backup plan, they just haven't had the ability to enact it yet. Shero, believe it or not, knows that TK/Tangradi aren't Top 6 options and that he has a hole to fill on defense too. I would expect that happens when business opens up via a trade.

In free agency Shero told Sullivan's camp he should seek other offers and that the Pens weren't going to bring him back. That, to me, signals beyond Parise they had a plan. It's not opening night yet.

With Sutter as the 3LC, I don't think we will lose a ton... however, that was supposed to be gained and the team was supposed to be better by adding for the 1st time in his career, a long term winger for Sid. Not a complementary type (like a Kunitz or Dupuis) but a guy who can hold on to the puck, snipe or playmake and generally think the game as a go to option for a superstar center.
Jordan Staal's not going to return that. The Canes weren't about to give up Skinner, and he's the only piece they have that's what you describe. Other than that, the trade market for that player was so limited, it's impossible to open it up and think about other teams. No other team would have paid what Carolina did for Staal.

I do agree that they have to trade some of these chips for talent, but as I said, there's just no market for it right now with the CBA storm in full-force and no idea what the atmosphere will be like whenever it finally clears.

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