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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Buller profiles as a first pairing? The issue is match-ups.
Iím not speculating on exactly where he belongs in the MLD, but I am quite sure he belongs. A decade of being one of the handful of best defensemen outside of the NHL when there was only room for 30, is a good achievement.

There were much better AHL defensemen - Frank Eddolls, Frank Mathers to name a couple who were vastly superior overall when their AHL and NHL numbers are combined. Also better NHL defensemen who were not drafted - Murray Henderson.
Eddolls and Henderson didnít come close to an all-star team so weíll have to disagree on whether they were better NHL defensemen.

As for the AHLers, this is a point I have been making for a long time too. Mathers is one of quite a few for whom a good case for the MLD can be built. The fact that guys like Mathers are being left behind, perhaps, unfairly, says nothing about Buller.

Small rink players. Sandford played on the smaller Boston Garden rink for half the season. So he could get to the defensemen faster on a dump in, take better and quicker angles to the net, pick-up his check easier. These advantages were lost on a standard NHL rink. Certain Bruin players could adjust to both, others could not. Look at the stats of Bronco Horvath, a weak skater, while with the Bruins and elsewhere.
That has nothing to do with my point. You used the fact that he had some HHOF defensemen on his team. Please tell me Ė who didnít???

True. Which is my point whether they are playing today or in any era.
Then you shouldnít be surprised that people see the careers of Quick and Karlsson as rather incomplete.

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