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09-10-2012, 04:36 PM
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Modified Rollback plan..

Instead of implementing a rollback of all present contracts all the way thru to get them under whatever the new cap is... why not just a partial rollback...

say it's determined clubs need to drop 15% to fit under the cap in yr 1...
Instead of going 15% rollback on all contracts, period...
go 15% rollback in yr 1 and 10% in yr 2... zero % in yrs 3 and beyond.

Considering teams are minimally commited to salary 3 yrs from now, they could easily plan ahead and structure their caps around all existing contracts.
ex. Wild have 30.1 mil in cap spent on 7 players in 3 yrs... lots of room to fill appropriately.

(or whatever % percentage grade they come up with they think will work and allow for players to retain as much of their present contract value as possible while still lending flexibility for GM's to do their thing.)

... and this was shot down last lockout when the owners tried to restructure the players' offer of a 24% rollback: a structure of a scale of higher rollback number for the higher contracts..

i.e. whatever formula adds up to 15% total rollback:
20% - for contracts 6 or 7 mil and above
15% - for contracts 5 mil and above
10% for contracts 3 mil and above
5% for contacts 2 mil and above
None for those under 2 mil....

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