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09-10-2012, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by bullseyed View Post
I just don't see the point of buying outdated tech gadgets. Like it wouldn't make sense to buy an Xbox360 now, given the new one will be out in a year.

I agree on share to a point, but market share determines the depth of apps available. Most big companies are just now getting around to releasing android apps. For example, I bank at Citizens bank and they just released an android app this year despite having an ios app for 2+ years. The windows phone 7.5 app for them will probably be out... never.

To each his own I guess.
I didn't know the current model (that was released 4 months ago) was considered outdated because a new one might be out in 2 months.

And why wouldn't it make sense to buy an X360 now? If I've never played Halo and really wanted to, why would I wait another year plus just to play them? So I can spend $200 more on technology I might not even use?

Upgrades and new technology only matter if you're actually going to take advantage of it.

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