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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
To add to the Billy Gilmour commentary above, I just don't think you can really compare the offense of the early era "glue guys" to today. It's a point Sturminator made in his critique of Russell Bowie - roles were more specialized then, so you had the more defensive minded forwards constantly feeding the stars.

None of this is to sell Gilmour as anything but a weak goal scorer, but I really doubt was as weak as his percentage behind the leaders would seem to show. This would also apply to Fred Scanlan, another player considered a star by contemporary sources - Scanlan's goal totals are dreadfully low too, but he's best known for doing all the dirty work for Harry Trihey.
Not really, that's kind of an assumption based on the wording of a few quotes. it's a fair assumption, but not rock solid.

I also realize that if assists were handed out like in modern times, "playmakers" like Billy gilmour would look better in points standings. I use quotes because 7 assists in two seasons is ultimately a shaky foundation.

also, I wanted to ask because I honestly don't know. Which HHOF committee members were old enough to watch Gilmour play? There had to be a few.

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