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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
ok, but you're the guy who convinced me to stop looking at goals and assists in a vaccuum in the first place. Points are much more important, and points are what I was talking about, right? I think you've also pooh-pooh'd thsoe reconstructed assists on numerous occasions in the past, is that correct?
I poo-pooed reconstructed assists as evidence of all-time great playmaking, though I do think they are a rough estimate of some kind of playmaking. I guess I've softened my stance on them somewhat.

And yes, points are more important than goals and assists. But something has to be done to take into account an era where 1st place in goals has 40 and 1st place in assists has 6.

Where Gilmour (and other non goal scorers) really get ***** is that assists are only available for 2 seasons of his career - so he (a better playmaker than goal scorer, at least relative to peers) has his offense judged entirely by his goal totals in other years.

Also, it was 7 years, unless you're counting junior or his two-game comeback from 1916. I used three years because he only had three seasons in a top league: 1903, 1908, and 1909.

He played a game in the 1905 FAHL, a league for which I'd be generous and count for a player this old, but it was just one game and he didn't score a point. Same with 1906 in the ECHA. I guess I should have included a "token" score for his one point in 1916 but I didn't think it would matter to anyone.

That leaves us with his university years. What do you suggest we do for those? 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907. If we assume he was probably as good as he was in 03, 08, and 09, then we could "assign" him scores of appoximately 28, which would make his six season "score" approximately 167. Which would better reflect his upside in comparison to these other top-9 forwards.

I'm only trying to be fair here.
Yeah, should probably be 7.

I think a direct statistical comparison is probably impossible. But if you have to do one, I might just compare his 3 ECHA seasons with the three best seasons of others and just note he played 4 more seasons at probably a similar level.

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