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05-04-2006, 12:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
I don't know why Souray is frequently thought of this way. How is he not gritty? To me, Souray is the sheriff on the team. If ever the opposition cheap-shots Montreal, you can be certain Souray will step in. You will not find many defensemen in the league more willing (and able) to step up to the plate for a teammate.

Many of Souray's penalties are taken because he's defending a teammate, or defending his goaltender & enforcing a 'perimeter' around the goal-crease after the whistle. It's not overly smart on his part, true--but he establishes a presence.

Gauthier's fun in some ways, but he's certainly not gritty. He's a borderline cheapshot artist who does not fight. Meaning he takes the game to a borderline level, then won't stand up for his actions. Thus the consequence tends to be that opposing teams retaliate on Gauthier's teammates. Montreal doesn't have the top-to-bottom grit to withstand this.

If you want a tougher blueline, start by keeping Souray.

BTW, I don't think Rivet and Souray are the 'model' for our younger defensemen. I think if Montreal drafts a skilled defenseman whose strength is outlet passing--they'll still be a skilled outlet passer even if Souray and Rivet can't move the puck all that well and are the heart-and-soul of the team's defense.

What that young passing defenseman may improve upon from playing with Souray and Rivet is their character, work ethic, and interest in playing for the team.

Markov thrived alongside Rivet. I think he alone proves the theory wrong.
Sourey and Rivet to me have always been about the illusion of grit. Sure they can drop the gloves and work hard but they rarely deliver the big hit, nobody is afraid in the league of playing in their corners in the Habs zone because they`re more lost and playing the puck than ready to drop you. They don`t have the killer instinct. And when Sourey do try to hit somebody he usualy miss!

We need real heavy hitters. Guys that can kill you, that give you the chills when you`re going in the Habs zone.

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