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05-04-2006, 01:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
I sort of question the need to go after another quality D. I know that if Montreal wants to be a top tier club, they need to get another very good defenseman. But I'd say issues at forward are more pressing.

Plus, after the stretch run and the playoffs, I just like this defense. I like the character Souray brings. So I'm biased, perhaps.
I sort of feel the same way. On one hand I finally see how every regular 6 we have on D have different key strengths and a little bit of everything you'd want in a well balanced D corps. Plus they seem to be a very tight group. I couldn't resolve myself to pick one to let go if we were to acquire an other quality Dman. It's that kind of organic link where if you remove a part of the whole, no matter which one, it seems to fall appart. That D, when playing up to potential, is perfectly balanced.

Yet I also know that the overall talent of this squad kind of leaves to be desired. They are not great on transition outside of Markov which means the forwards up front don't have it easy and that kind of negates at times the great speed we could and should be taking advantage of on a more regular basis. This D can also be pressured into panic mistakes by strong forechecking teams.

So either we compensate by getting more opportunistic forwards that will make the most of their scoring chances while having the smarts to get consistently open for the first pass, or we try to upgrade the D while not losing that delicate balance this D seems to have (to me at least).

BTW great player analysis Mike8. I tried finding something I could argue on for discussion's sake but couldn't.

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