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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
The pre expansion players are getting an artificial double perhaps triple boost - games, era( all inclusive from quality of opposition to roster sizes).
You have to adjust for schedule length… there’s just no other way. Otherwise you are penalizing them for playing when seasons are shorter. What’s the sense in that?

Factor in availability at the draft. From the O6 Ron Murphy was not an attractive alternative.
Was this random sentence meant for another post? I don’t understand at all.

Composition of lines. Canadiens would regularly play a weaker player with the star line. 1960-61 Don Marshall, Jean-Guy Gendron and a rookie Gilles Tremblay rotated thru with Beliveau and Richard.Many other examples of successful teams doing so. Opposition has to burn a checking forward or juggle their lines.
Yes, I know that there is no rule that says your three best forwards need to be on your first line and so on. Obviously. But in an exercise where we’re talking about the top three lines (and a first line typically plays the most and has the most offensive responsibility, with the third line being the opposite) it is certainly worth noting that you’re giving less talented players more icetime than more talented ones.

The offensive numbers for defensemen are interesting but they are based on first pairing minutes for Streit and Green.Streit is a third pairing dman here. So do you support the assumptions of the model and settle for very weak defense or cut back on the minutes and the offense. Not an issue with my defense. I could role all three pairings or seven dmen an get the same offensive and defensive results.
Funny you should mention that. Go look up how much icetime Streit got in 2007 and 2008.

2008 in particular has to be some kind of a record when you look at his points and icetime. It definitely paints a picture of what type of player he really is. To Zambia’s credit, they have him on the 3rd pairing and on the PP so they know what they are doing.

All the numbers on your own team are based on greater responsibilities than they will earn in a competitive MLD, so the point is moot. I don’t see a difference in even strength puck movement from one team to the other overall. You should be happy; this is one area where you are the equal of your opponents.

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