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09-10-2012, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr Quincy View Post
Why would a owner want to "take a cap hit"? I'll assume you mean that there are teams below the floor who will want to reach the floor by adding Thomas' 5m hit. Ok but:

1) Nobody knows what the floor will be under the new cap, and there's an excellent chance it will be lower than the projected 54.2. It's a very really probability that all teams currently "under" the floor will be over it automatically when the CBA is signed.

2) Ok, let's assume the floor remains 54.2. The vast majority of the "under" teams are only under because they are waiting for the new CBA to sign their own players. Would Winnipeg rather not pay Thomas 3m to sit at home or pay Evander Kane 5m to play? Hmm, let me think. Almost every single team below the floor will be above it when they resign their own core RFAs.

3) 2 teams might be below the floor at that point: Phoenix and the Isles. But Phoenix is rumored to be resigning Shane Doan. That move puts them pretty close to the current floor with only a couple of minor tweaks to make. For the Isles they have 2 roster spots open. Say Ryan Strome and Brock Nelson make the team (or Griffin Reinhart or Calvain De Haan or any other rookie with a decent cap hit).... cap floor reached.

Sure, these teams COULD take Thomas, but why should they unless there's something in it for them?

I'll say it again: Boston desires Thomas off their cap more than any team in the NHL desires Thomas on their cap. Period. In order to get a team to take someone it doesn't want you'll have to give a sweetener.
At the trade deadline, Thomas can easily be moved.

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