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Originally Posted by Avsare1 View Post
Columbus, Edmonton, Toronto, Isles, Anaheim are easily behind us IMO.

Detroit, Nashville, and Philly all have very mediocre Defense at the moment aswell IMO. Detroit doesnt have much at all outside of Kronwall, and Im not high on him either, I think we have a better Defense then them. Nashville has Weber, but not much after that(although it depends on the play of Rosi), and Philly has been meh since they lost Pronger(I would say theyre a little better then us, but not a whole lot).

IMO were somewere around 18-22 in the league. Were definitly better then those 5 above, were probably in the next teir of 5 or 6 teams.
I'll give you Detroit, even though I'd be stretching to do so. Without Lidstrom their defense takes a huge hit, and like you said, outside of Kronwall they don't really have anyone to be all that impressed about...and yes, I do know they have Quincey. But, they have employed a tremendous defensive system. You can hate the team all you want, Lord knows I despise them myself, but you've got to give credit where credit is due.

But I can't say I agree with your stance on Nashville or Philadelphia. Even with the loss of Suter, Nashville, just by having Weber, still has a good defense. Now, it'll be interesting to see how they hold up with Suter leaving, but I don't see them having a tremendous fall off.

Philadelphia, even without Pronger, still has a solid group of Defenders, and I'd rate them a bit higher than the Avalanche at this time.

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