Thread: News Article: Lokomotiv Tragedy details
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09-10-2012, 09:10 PM
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Originally Posted by John Holmes View Post
I still don't understand why they don't give you an emergency parachute on an airplane.

I know the speed and altitude stuff, but at least you'd have a chance at surviving.
You would NEVER have a chance of surviving jumping out of a plane at 35,000 feet. The highest recommended altitude of jumping is like somewhere around 3000-8000 feet, I think. You'd be at that altitude for maybe 2 minutes in a crash scenario? Not much chance for many people to get out.

Also - this is a 747:

Notice how all the side doors line up fairly well with the tail fin of the plane? I'd bet at least 1/3 to 1/2 die hitting that tail. And most of the rest would die from hitting the side of a plane going over 500-600km/hr.

So maybe, if you could have the opportunity to have your ***** in order to jump out of the plane in your 2 minute window, AND somehow avoid ricocheting off the side of an out-of-control plane, AND be lucky enough avoid the fin, AND have enough sense to open the parachute when you're probably in shock, maybe.

I'd still say the survival rate is somewhere around 5%

Most airlines have lifejackets, rafts, and water-crash gear for a reason: the chance of being able to direct a crash landing into water is higher than the chance of a handful of random parachute passengers surviving.

ALSO: only like 16% of aviation fatalities occur when the plane is cruising at max altitude. 30% happen during takeoff/ initial ascent, and 25% occur during final approach/landing. Neither scenario offers really enough time to properly prepare for any parachute time.

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