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09-10-2012, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by massey View Post
i think us sting fans would have liked JB to address just the basic of the parking issue BEFORE it was announced with no explanations of the plan.I pay for premium parking so the 2.00 extra doesnt affect me but the long waits do.I asked at the box ofice after the aannouncements and no answer.some questions are where is the money going to,how is it going to be handled,after the game isnt the right choice either,takes too long so put more staff on and open ALL entrances to the parking lot,1 to the south at 4 entrances could be used to the north,maybe parking passes available to speed things up,and the so called deficit at the arena yet renovating the office and dressing room.also disappointing to hear the Observer is deleting comments on these issues as it seems the only way the sting management is allowing it's supporters to question the issues.
Massey, feel free to send in any of those questions, though I believe a lot of that decision making is coming above Jacques' head through the Ciccarelli Group, which manages the RBC.

As for deleting stuff, we only delete what can get us sued, or what is against editorial policy to publish. I can't speak to anything specific being deleted, but we usually have a reason for doing so, and that reason isn't that the Sting took offence to it.

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