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09-10-2012, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by njdevils1982 View Post
so you werent drunk enough? sadly ive done the guareenteed sex thing when i normally wouldnt bother with.

thanks a lot booze.
Any more drunk and it would probably have been a case of whiskey dick anyway.

And when I say this chick was weird, I mean really weird. She told me she was planning on changing her name to Serenity and changing her surname to something else I can't remember, and referred to her current name as her "birth name". She wouldn't shut up about how much she loves her dad, to the point where it got creepy. Her bf is a male nurse and had been at the party earlier that night and left to go to work a shift, but she told me she'd be willing anyway. Just a trashy vibe about her, and as I said before, not the brightest girl either.

No reason for me to get involved with that.

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