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05-04-2006, 07:05 AM
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Originally Posted by CupFever
man, this is crazy! Players can just decide to retire and then the team is still stuck with their salary for the cap. Wow!

Still, if Niewy decides to retire, the cats won't have to really pay the salary, so they have the money to spend as long as they are not next to the cap.
Hey that's the risk a team takes for signing a veteran over 35 to a long term deal. Look at NJ who will be taking a cap hit of $7 mill next season for Mogilny & Malakhov. They learned the hard way as well and will have cap issues now for next season. But now you won't find any players over 35 get more than 1 yr deals...probably for the rest of this CBA I bet.

Sure they don't have to pay the salary but it could impact how they can spend in the summer. First and foremost, if he retires, you need someone to replace him with. Let's just say that'll cost about the same as what Niewy would've gotten...$2.25 mil. That's less money in the supposed $10 million pool that Cohen was going to up spending on the team to upgrade the defense like so many of you want.
Originally Posted by Crossbar
Yeah I was referring to the latter.
But now what do you think if he retires with what I've brought attention to? Do you really think he was worth $4.5 million of cap space for just 1 season of play if he retires (heck he didn't even play the whole season)?

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