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05-04-2006, 06:15 AM
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Stock market crashes are a direct link to hoceky games you didn't know that, am i right?

Originally Posted by Sharkman316
Before you start think what a moron, think about it.
too late

The ottawa senators - a team who only had 7 wins in their first year, went bankrupt and lost 4 years in a row to the leafs in the first round now are probably the team with the best chance to win it for canada. If they weren't a good team, the fans would disown the franchise and would turn into the renegades of now.
Yes sir! Bettman is an all-powerful deity who can just use his mind powers to sway everyone to come to ottawa...damn that psychic bastige, eh?!

All sports is about business anymore and every year us fans get sucked into it. So when the Devils (or some other team with no regular fans) raise the cup over there heads again (another team who has brutual fan support but continues to be a dominant force in the playoffs) maybe somebody who read this post may realize i'm not a moron after all.
Yes....but actually, the devils got the cup because all 5 fans stood up and yelled at Bettman.

For the record, you would think we would've won the cup half a doezen times by now if it were fixed

Originally Posted by SHUDO
You know, There have been people who have brought out lesser truths and was never heard from before. If you disipear, we know the conspiracy theory was right, and I promise you that we will work together for the cause of bringing the truth to the front.

To add to you theory, I believe that Hockey is only a part of the Matrix, and Neo and Trinity will save us from this awful program, so that we will know the truth.
omg! that's brilliant! you sir are a god! It's all becoming clear to me now! I see..the light!

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