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Originally Posted by lazyboy View Post
I thought I would chime in with some random thoughts:

ownership - rumours of new ownership are news to me. I for one would welcome a change at the top but keep in mind that sometimes you are better with the devil you know. I'm a spits fan who suffered through the Riolo days and was ecstatic when Boughner and Rychel took over. Hopefully something similar could happen here at some point.
parking - this was mishandled in a big way and I'm still uncertain if this is going into the Sting pockets or the city's? Would it be the deciding factor of abandoning the team altogether? For me no, but I understand fan's frustration when you are constantly tacking on minor organizational miscues like this. Paying for parking in smaller communities is one of my bigger pet peeves (I'm from Wallaceburg and still can't wrap my head around why our local hospital has paid parking. Its rural, no gates and always near half empty)
on the ice - Originally I had the sting 7th but they are showing more promise than I had previously thought and truth be told I think 5th place could be had and regardless I do see them as a playoff team. Seems to be a well balanced team and I don't even mind their mix on the back end given it would be the weaker component. If JP Anderson goes down though all bets are off! Its critical that the front office doesnt buy into these projected standings. For the sake of ongoing organizational success they must sell their assets by the deadline. Kitchener, Plymouth and London are not likely to be beat by anyone in the west and our cupboard is mostly bare going forward following last years attempt to go for it

did not like the Hottot penalty at all, but still like him as an OA (I agreed with the trading of Aberga over him)....I expect big things from DeAngelo, he reminds me so much of Ryan Ellis at this stage....The rookies that are still with the team all look pretty good to me and with some veterans up front it looks like they should be eased into their roles without much pressure and even Nemecek, while timid looks like he could become something given some time and necessary adjustments....Dundas is one other player that I think may take quite a step forward this year, take on the energy role Hottot does plus become a player too
Good post - I can't see this team finishing as high as 5th. Having said that I would think you would have them ahead of Erie, Soo, Windsor, ?Saginaw, ?Guelph, or OS?. Can't see it.

London, Plymouth, Kitchener, OS, Saginaw and Guelph are all better teams IMO this year. One might discound Saginaw with the scoring they lost, but I believe they have more than enough coming back and are very well coached. I love the Guelph team, their coach and style of play. Very hard working team, got older over last year, they will be a very tough team to beat. OS will be better this year also, has a good core of players that went to the Mem cup.

That leaves Soo, Erie and Windsor - Can't count out Windsor, very well coached, always a tough team to beat in their building. Soo and Erie will have considerable younger talent, time will tell. Always, injuries and big trade aside, as it stands now, I believe these are the teams that will fight for the last two playoff spots.

Couldn't agree with you more on D'Angelo - very much looking forward to watching him this year. What a beautiful skater. Worth the price of admission, not parking though.

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