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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
Lombardi has had some blunders as well though. Remember, he brought Avery back after he was kicked off of the team. Although I understand what Lombardi was trying to do when he brought Avery back, built up his trade value then ship him off to another team. He later became New York's mess.

He also brought Rob Blake back who had his own motives in his second stint here. Not saying Blake was a poor teammate, but he pretty much received a paid vacation when he was brought back. Ladislav Nagy was another player who had a very questionable work ethic prior to coming to LA (and it didn't improve when he got here).

Don't forget all the baggage that Patrick O'Sullivan came with. That was public knowledge, but Lombardi still went out and acquired him from Minnesota. Sometimes you take a gamble on these types due to their talent and what they could bring to the table. Had Allison not gotten hurt, who knows how much better the team's fortunes would have been.
Let's not forget that O'Sullivan had his best year in LA and hasn't come close to reproducing those numbers. Blake and Nagy though I totally agree with. The thing with DL is that he seems to covet players that work hard and aren't a distaraction. DT never really cared about that in his time here. There were players that he brought into the organization that you just knew from day one would be a distraction, Roenick, Avery, Parrish, Allison to name a few. That's not even looking at the multitude of prospects that had issues like Roussin, Pushkarev, Taylor, Munce, Tukonen to name a few.

To me it comes down to DT's inability to develop players and make them better year by year that was the cause for his lack of success... I honestly have trouble thinking of one player that DT brought in and that was a better player because of his time with the Kings. Players all too often seemed to come into Manchester or LA and just never improve their game. They were the same exact player they were the day they were drafted. Sure there would be slight improvement in numbers like Frolov, and Cammy saw but can you honestly attribute that to development and not just increased ice time or something along that line? Plus think of the list of players that left the Kings and found success elsewhere during DT's time here. Scary... That to me seems to be the main difference between the two, DL has been very good for the most part at turning a one dimensional player into a complete player and ensuring that players are developed properly.

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